Ways to Reduce Stress during the Holidays


Holiday Hassle or Mindful Moments?

it possible that more minutes are crammed into a day in November and December? Or is it just that we expect the days to expand because our lists of things to do are impossibly long?

Clearly, time management rules during this season of doing and going. It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress during the holidays.

Ways to Reduce Stress:
Give Yourself the Gift of Time Management

You might want to think of time management tricks of the trade as stocking stuffers. Each and every one of us can use the gift of a time management strategy.

  • The Swiss Cheese Method: When you are overwhelmed with a project, bite a hole in it just like a little mouse. Set a time and work for 10 minutes. Lots of times the hardest part is getting started.
  • Picking Your Moment Method: What’s the best time of day for you, the time when you can get the most accomplished? Plan for success by doing the things that are most difficult for you to do at your best time of day.
  • Come On, Baby, Light Your Fire Method: Take time to dance to your own music. Take part in activities that regenerate you, inspire you, help you feel in balance.

So when you want to beat the holiday blues, or emulate Santa by just checking things off your list, or find a moment of peace in the swirl of the holidays, refer to your time management stocking stuffers and put the ease back into season.

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