Wake Up, I’m Fat


Wake_up bookCamryn Manheim is a jewel in my book. I love her work as an actress, I’ve always loved her attitude – both on screen, in interviews and of course, who couldn’t love her quote when she won her Emmy a few years ago…”This is for all the fat girls!”  And to top it off, just recently I read that she was an Elliott Yamin (American Idol) fan, “I’ve been signing my e-mails for the past three months St. Camryn of Yamin”. Well, that was it; I knew for sure she was brilliant!

As if we need any more more evidence that Manheim has a cool head, here’s a recent quote:

“That I am 37 years old and have any sense of self-respect and self-worth and any confidence at all – is a miracle! So, instead of beating myself up for being fat, I think it’s a miracle that I laugh everyday and walk through my life with pride, because our culture is unrelenting when it comes to fat people. I don’t understand it. We hurt nobody. We’re just fat people”. 

Camryn’s book, ‘Wake Up, I’m Fat’ is a testament to all women who work on a daily basis to accept themselves in a world where being fat still presents many challenges, including discrimination.  From what I can see, Camryn Manheim has accepted herself for who she is (“I really like who I am”), and for that I applaud her.

Whether you’re fat, thin, or somewhere in between, its all about self love and self acceptance.  Check out her book at Amazon.com.

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