Vampire Foods: The Seductive & Dangerous Dance


vampire foods that drain you

What vampire foods are lurking in your kitchen?

You know those foods? You love them. They call to you, hold a special place in your heart and mind. And yet every time you eat them, they turn on you like a faithless lover.

I like to call them vampire foods.

They are the foods we crave and eat, and after the initial high is gone, steal the life force from our bodies. The foods that shortly after we eat them leave us feeling drained or discarded.

Somehow we remember the seductive lure, but not the price we pay. We don’t remember that every single time we eat this particular thing, it leaves us feeling unwell – in a miserable heap, either physically or emotionally. Either way it’s not pretty.

Like any toxic relationship they leave us drained, unsure of ourselves, worse off than before we met again.

The morning after: Making the connection

For the women I know, there is a very physical component to all of this, but we don’t always make the connection. That heartburn that plagues you “out of the blue,” migraines, puffiness or bloating, painful digestive issues, or feeling zapped of all energy. The morning after we don’t want to believe that this is what happens, that doing that equals this.

This isn’t about good foods/bad foods. This is a very personal thing, more about chemistry probably. For some of us, our vampire foods wreak havoc on our bodies by triggering binges and the discomfort that follows. For others it’s more of a sensitivity issue – certain physical symptoms that always follow eating particular substances.

Our emotional selves don’t fare too well during all of this if  we spiral into the shame and guilt from feeling out of control. Maybe as you read you are naming for your self the foods that hold this kind of power for you – the ones that disconnect you from your true self, from where you feel most powerful.

Vampires belong in the movies, not in your fridge

We don’t like to change relationships of any kind. And yet feeling your best, keeping self-esteem in check and shame at a minimum means looking closely at all of the pieces and knowing for sure what serves us and what doesn’t.

Filling yourself up with what makes you feel your best, in how you care for your physical self, in the relationships you invest in, and choosing what kind of work that is meaningful to you depends on knowing how you feel.

How you feed yourself in every area of your life matters. Anything that lessens your wellbeing, your energy or focus, or your ability to love yourself needs to be considered. It’s not whether something or someone is “good” or “bad”…only about how they impact you.

And only you know. Only you can be the expert on what belongs in your life. You get to choose based on how you feel, what makes the cut. Or if you’re not sure, do a little experimenting and see if there is a connection.

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6 responses to “Vampire Foods: The Seductive & Dangerous Dance”

  1. Cindy says:

    Excellent post. Love the vampire — very Count Chocula-esque. I don’t think any of us who’ve struggled with eating in this way can hear this message too many times.

    • Lisa C. Briggs says:

      Laughing at Count Chocula.. which may be one of the only chocolate things i haven’t tried yet (cocoa puffs, yes). But yes… trusting what we know, what our bodies know is an act of love. Thanks Cindy!

  2. Harriet Krivit says:

    I love ALL foods….no vampires for me.

    • Lisa C. Briggs says:

      Hi Harriet…I hear you.. I love most foods but this is about whether they love us back. If it’s a mutual love affair, then this one doesn’t apply! Be well and thanks for commenting.

  3. Lisa Christie says:

    I am really trying to tune into exactly what foods leave me feeling unwell. I have learned that pasta almost always leads to overeating for me, and then I crash. Also, too much pizza always leaves me with acid reflux the next day. I’ve been able to trace these two things, but I know there are probably so many more. What leaves me feeling great? A hearty breakfast of yogurt, fruit and granola. What kind of food is this? Superwoman food?

    • Lisa C. Briggs says:

      SuperWoman food… works for me! It’s energy, love, wellbeing, and knowing that you can trust yourself to treat yourself beautifully… which feels good every which way… tiny acts of love. It’s not about deprivation from this angle, more choosing to fill up with what lights us up. I love fruit… loved yogurt forever until one day it loved me not and that was that for dairy and me, sad to say. 🙁

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