Ugly Betty is Beautiful


She may not be the prettiest gal on the block but Betty Suarez has plenty of style. The kind that you don’t get from shopping at Bloomingdales, but the kind one gets from having compassion, strength of character, smarts and a heart of gold.

Ugly Betty is a new prime time comedy series produced by none other than, anything but ugly, Selma Hayek. A huge hit in Columbia and several other countries prior to making it to the US of A, Ugly Betty seems to be striking a common chord among young women all over the world.The story is about a very plain secretary who works in a glamorous fashion design house, surrounded by beautiful women, but despite her looks, Betty gets ahead, through hard work and intelligence.

Ugly Betty has been well received so far, sitting just outside the top ten of all new fall shows. I say, support Betty and ABC will make sure she’s a keeper.

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