Turn Off Your TV!


Did anyone know this is ‘Turn Off Your TV Week’? Neither did I. But that’s probably because I was watching TV and missed it. Well, anyway this is the week that an organization called TV Watch, is advising Americans to hit the OFF button and spend more time enjoying our real life families rather than watching another rerun of a pretend family like, Everybody Loves Raymond (but I love that show!).

I’m not sure how effective this segue is, but thought it might be a good time to revisit the idea of tuning out a lot of the noise in our lives (like the TV) and ‘tuning in’ by practicing some mindfulness techniques that are sure to help us get a little more joy out of everything we do.

– Taking time out of our usual busy routines to reflect on what matters to us
– Developing and practicing self-nurturing behaviors that support you in whatever challenges come your way.
– And most importantly…having fun!

This June Green Mountain at Fox Run will be holding their annual 3 Day Mindfulness Retreat.  There you can discover and practice techniques of visualization, mindful meditation, and yoga to help renew and bring peace and self-care to your daily life. Explore art, movement, and journaling as ways to celebrate and develop compassion towards your self. Use yoga, walking meditation and journaling as an opportunities to truly BE with you and find peace in stillness.

If it sounds appealing, you can check it out here: Mindfulness Retreat

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