To Work Out Or Not To Work Out – The Flu And Cold Season


Winter is winding down. In fact, in my neck of the woods, the daffodils are out and the birdies are tweet tweeting – it really feels like spring! However, that doesn’t mean cold and flu season is over and that begs the question, should a few sniffles keep you from exercising?

Whether you have a slight cold or the nasty flu, there are certain fairly common physiological issues that effect most people when they get sick. First of all, your resting heart rate, BMR and respiratory rate become elevated. When this occurs your body loses fluid. This is one of the primary reasons we’re always being told to sip soup and drink lots of water. Obviously, if you perspire during exercise, this will only increase the level of dehydration. If you’re unlucky enough to have a fever, not only will you not feel like working out, your dehydration will be even more exaggerated.

Combine all that good stuff with your general sense of blah, weakness and lethargy and you’ll recognize very quickly what your body needs from you. More than likely, it’s telling you to just lay low for a while.

It’s good to listen to your body. Whenever possible, we highly recommend it!

3 responses to “To Work Out Or Not To Work Out – The Flu And Cold Season”

  1. annalaura brown says:

    This is very good advice and a question many of us ask ourselves.

  2. jaye says:

    i would have to disagree somewhat with this one. just because you have a cold, especially just a few sniffles, you shouldn’t stop exercising. Just change what you do. when you feel a cold coming in is a horrid time to do cardio stuff but it’s still a great idea to go lighter fare like yoga. in fact when I”m sick my whole body feels achy and crampy and my daily yoga gives me a nice stretch that I find very soothing. I just take care to avoid any poses that might cause light headedness

  3. Cindy says:

    Thanks for sharing Jaye. The point of the post is to be nice to yourself and listen to your body. Not to feel guilty if you have to lay low for a couple days. If you feel better after yoga even with a slight cold – you should down dog your way to feeling better, if that’s what you’re body is telling you. I’m all for that.

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