To Get Unstuck, Step into Possibility




“No matter what I’ve tried, nothing changes.”

“I have been on a diet most of my life and I’m at my heaviest weight.”

Do these thoughts sound familiar?  If so, being stuck is something also familiar.  And the feelings of hopelessness that accompany them.

The Power of Possibility

Possibility has the power to change all that.  It’s about changing our thinking oh-so-slightly to imagine things can be different.  But the big difference from how we may have talked to ourselves before and talking to ourselves “with possibility” is that this time, there’s no “have to” involved.  It’s all about just considering doing something in a different way.  Without all the shoulds.

Confused?  Think about the last time you considered trying to eat more healthfully.  Was there an element of “I HAVE to do this if I want to lose weight, get healthier, etc.” as you considered how you would begin to eat?  If so, your reaction to even thinking about trying again may have had an element of “No!  I’m not going there again.”  Our inner rebel comes out in these situations, the result of other people, whether it be our family, friends, doctors or healthy eating guidelines, telling us too many times what we have to do to achieve our goals.

Celebrate that rebel, but also help her positively channel her feelings by giving her the power of possibility.  Possibility allows us to experiment with another way of thinking or behaving, if we want to. It gives our inner rebel the power to decide what she wants.  And in doing so, possibility allows us to leave our patterns of behavior behind.  They no longer dictate how we behave.

We teach the concept of “optioning” at Green Mountain.  It’s a technique we came up with many years ago to help our participants stop to think about whether they really want to eat something, and then to act wisely on their decisions.  Too often our patterned behavior takes over when we’re faced with eating something that feels off-limits to us…although we may eat it often.  Ice cream is a perfect example.  If we’re afraid of it, think that it’s a food we can’t enjoy in moderation, we often restrict until the desire to eat it wins.  Then we eat it with abandon…and feelings of guilt…and eventually feelings of being ill.

If we give ourselves the option to eat it when we decide we really want it, we can change that scenario to one of true enjoyment and well being.

Getting Unstuck

The next time you feel caught between what you think you have to do and what you don’t want to do, ask yourself:

  • Do I have to do it? Answer: No
  • Do I want to do it? Answer: Maybe no.
  • Is there a part of me that would like to experiment with doing something different? Answer: Maybe
  • Will I do something differently? Answer: I don’t know but I have the possibility of doing it.  Without pressure or rules.  Just by allowing the possibility, then letting myself think whether I really want to do it or not.

If weight loss success is our goal, options give us different paths to get there.  Read more about this in our latest FitBriefing, Change the Way You Think for Weight Loss Success: Stepping into Possibility.”

Are you ready for a different path?

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