Tired of Struggling With Your Weight? Throw Away The Scale!


My favorite e-letter has come to my rescue again.  It’s the DailyOM e-letter I signed up for a while ago, and have mentioned several times on this blog.  This time, the message was about throwing away the scale.  It spoke to me because I’ve recently found myself paying too much attention to it.  I experienced a bit of weight loss last fall as the result of an allergy elimination diet, and liked feeling lighter.  And my clothes fit better.  In an effort to stay that way, I thought I’d just weigh myself once a week – something I haven’t done in years, ever since I quit dieting and started living and eating mindfully.  Well, weighing once a week became more often.  And then it started dictating the way I felt that day.  And how I was feeding myself.  Needless to say, it hasn’t been a pleasant detour from sanity.

So just in time, a DailyOM arrives to remind me that ‘each of us is equipped to gauge our relative healthfulness without any equipment whatsoever.  When we have achieved a state of wellness, we feel buoyant and energetic.  Some of us are naturally slim, while others will always be curvy.  No matter what our weight, we can use the cues we receive from our physical and mental selves to judge how healthy we really are.  When you throw away your scale, you commit to a lifestyle that honors the innate wisdom that comes from within your body and within your mind…If you have concerns regarding your weight, remind yourself that at its proper weight, your body will feel buoyant and agile.”  Hey, that’s right – that’s what I liked about losing weight last fall!  It’s the feelings, not the number!

Words for the wise.  The really wise.  Which I like to think I’m getting closer to being as time goes on.  So the scale is back out the door for me.  The only reason I have one in my home in the first place is because my brother-in-law gave it to us when he closed his medical office.  It’s buried in the basement, although it’s one of those industrial looking things that’s really hard to bury.  I can easily find it, but usually the only reason I need to is to weigh my bags before a plane trip.  Now that’s what it’s going to be doing again.

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