Time Management is Stress Management


time management stress managementTime. Time is the only thing everyone has in equal amounts. Everyone has 24 hours a day to exercise choices about what to do with those hours and minutes.

Time management is really stress management. And, often there’s too much for any one person to do in a day. Right? So what’s a girl to do?

Change your language to empower yourself.

Saying you don’t have time makes you think the problem is with the amount of time. But just as you wouldn’t blame the harbor if the ship doesn’t come in, neither can you blame time if you make choices, either actively or passively, that cannot be met within the 24-hour time slot.

Here’s what to say and think instead:

  • “I over scheduled.”
  • “I wasn’t realistic about how much time to allow.”
  • “Even I cannot be in two places at once.”
  • “I need to delegate.”
  • “Just say, ‘no.’”
  • “Instead of asking for help, I need to get cooperation.”

I want to talk more about the last item. When you ask for help, you’ve communicated to yourself and others that the job is yours. Asking someone to help you keeps it within your bailiwick and deprives others of the opportunity to learn from doing.

Whether at home or at work, this applies: Get out from under some tasks by assigning them, delegating them, or – ignoring them (those responsibilities that are not yours but you took  them on anyway).

Assess your habits.

The first step is start noticing which tasks you are avoiding or which tasks make you feel overwhelmed. Do you have behaviors that increase your adrenaline? Procrastinating for example?

Procrastinating can be an attempt to have the additional energy to help you focus on tasks that you would rather side step. For instance, do you or others in your household have the habit of throwing their clothes on the floor? If so, you’ve noticed that messes are magnets for yet more mess. At some point the mess needs to be dealt with (time). Is this behavior working?

Start noticing what your thinking is and also your time management behaviors that don’t help you get what you want. It is in the minute moment that we have the opportunity to make very small changes that add up to feeling more in control of time and ourselves.

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