This Is Us: Go Forth and SING, Kate!


Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Dr. Kari Anderson, Executive Director, and Shiri Macri, Clinical Director, hold weekly discussions about NBC’s hit dramedy This Is Us and the all-too-common struggle around eating, weight and body image that Chrissy Metz’s character Kate faces from a young age. (Spoiler Alert! Details of weekly episodes are revealed.)

Shiri: “Did you see the show last night, Kari? What an amazing end to an amazing season. I can’t believe how REAL the characters are.”

Kari: “It’s true. Those characters are human…just like us.”

In the predictably unpredictable season finale of This Is Us, the story line of Jack’s death took a twist in a direction we have yet to discover…and we have yet to discover why Kate blames herself for her father’s passing and the role of her eating and weight issues.

Life can be difficult and amazing…all at the same time.

And This Is Us demonstrated that dichotomy through the development of such real and relatable characters. The characters are so much more than appearances and Hollywood glitz (Kevin), more than an anxiety disorder (Randall), and more than a body image (Kate).

They, like us, are deeply human.

In the season finale, we watch Kate’s mother blossom into who she truly wanted to be — a singer, which is how she met Jack. This beautiful connection found through song also led to a crisis in their relationship.

The symbolism of music’s power also holds such empowerment potential for Kate. Take weight, eating, and body out of the equation, and Kate realizes in the closing scene that music is also her true calling. She professes to Toby, “I know what I want to do, I want to sing.”

Kate is so much more than her weight.

We all are. We are deeply relational humans, whose beauty and potential go far beyond a number on the scale or the “correctness” of a food choice.

And Kate is more than character. Her portrayal by Chrissy Metz is just so real to us. That being said, we were saddened to hear a recent gossip magazine article tout Ms. Metz’s efforts towards weight loss using a fad diet pill. While we hope this is just the Hollywood rumor mill, it reminds us of how much “weight” is placed on weight.

The incredible talent in Ms. Metz’s acting and the awe-inspiring depth of her character on This Is Us seem to hold little value in some societal circles, unless, of course, she reaches that magic number.

We say…NOT TRUE! #BeHerNow

Bravo, Ms. Metz, on an extraordinary season in your breakout role. We applaud your character, Kate, for staying true to who she is.  

As we tell our women here at Green Mountain at Fox Run, this is not about waiting (or ‘weighting’) until you reach some societal expectation of body size or some magic number. No! 

Whoever it is you think you’ll be when you reach that magic place, we want you to #BeHerNow! So go forth and sing, Kate! And to all the women who have been ‘weighting’…Dance! Play! Laugh! Say Yes to that invitation! Go to the beach!

The only way to get there is to go there…now.  

So with that, we’ll sit with bated breath along with millions of other viewers, waiting to see if Ms. Metz and her character, Kate, stay true to themselves and not let weight rule their lives.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about how to #BeHerNow, like Kate, join our free online course to stop ‘weighting’ and start living the life you deserve now.

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