The Yin and Yang Of Repetition


Repeating an act over and over again can be a good thing.  Especially when your menopausal brain isn’t functioning the way it used to and you forget things easily.  Things like how to log in and post on your very own blog after only a few short weeks away.  (One great thing about menopause – you can blame everything on it for at least a decade).

Like everything else in life, the act of repeating something over and over again has its good points and its bad points. I have to admit that I often have trouble finding the yin and yang around this concept.

Case in point: I’m heading off to the chiropractor tomorrow because my doctor suspects that the annoying numbness in my foot I’ve been dealing with for the last few days is probably due to a bulging disc at the L1/L2 region of my spine. There are more than a few reasons this might be happening, but I can tell you that I’m convinced, intrinsically, that my lack of core strength isn’t helping anything and if it can’t be fixed via non-evasive therapy it could get ugly.

What does that have to do with repetition? If not careful, what once was a pleasurable activity (think tennis and golf), can evolve into sore shoulders or a bum elbow, all of which could be avoided with the proper dose of strength training and stretching.  In my case,  a suspicious attachment to the elliptical machine and a general shunning of all core-building exercises.

When you get older (here we go again), repeating the same movements and working the same muscles and joints can lead to injury. Especially when you mix that in a cocktail laced with less than optimum core strength and an impatient nature that doesn’t allow for stretching.

Repeating the same cardio over and over…bad. Repeating core strengthening exercises in conjunction with overall cross training and variety….good. Bottom line? Stop jumping on the same old exercise horse until the repetition either bores, or injures. It’s a simple case of yin and yang.

Tips for those whose imagination and/or inspiration have taken a vacation:

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2 responses to “The Yin and Yang Of Repetition”

  1. Jaime says:

    Thanks for the reminder to switch it up once in awhile! My tendency is to put my exercise on cruise control, and keep my planning mind available for other things. Unfortunately, I default to a comfort zone that doesn’t include exercises that are a “stretch” for me. Mindful is the watch word I guess.

  2. cindy says:

    hi, jaime! where you been girl? oh yeah, it’s where I’VE been that’s the question. anyhoo, good to be home.

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