The Sounds Of Silence and Music


I’ve said many times over the years (wow, we’ve been blogging for years!), that I’m a self-confessed music junkie. And although it’s good once and a while to walk mindfully and silently through a sunlit forest on a cool summer morning, most of the time I like tunes blasting in my ears.

Music really helps me get in the mood — especially when the mood doesn’t get me. Even after decades of listening to music day in and day out, it amazes me how the same song can lift my spirits, deliver instant energy and shoot straight through to my soul.

As of late, I’ve been listening to tracks I downloaded almost a year ago, and I’m ready to hit itunes and shake up my playlist a little. Instead of asking for suggestions, I thought it might be fun to ask all of you to contribute your favorite workout tunes — including Livin’ La Vida Loca at least one  guilty pleasure, so I can create the workout cd of my dreams!

Some of my workout fav’s: You Get What You Give – New Radicals , Love Shack – B52’s, Anything by Earth, Wind & Fire!

*No books on tape, Marsha — boo! 😉

Tip: Start listening to music before you get ready to go to the gym, take a walk, or whip on your snow-shoes. You’ll get in the mood well before your activity actually begins.

7 responses to “The Sounds Of Silence and Music”

  1. Gayle says:

    Books on tape ROCK! Since I started listening to books 2 years ago I’ve listened to over 100. Makes the time flyyyyyyyy. I’ve listened to books that never in a million years would I have read. Love me my audio books!

  2. Jaime says:

    The Stones-Sympathy for the Devil
    Any Prince
    Opera-Puccini by anyone, (great for the passion and drama of weight training)
    Oh, from this century?
    Amy Winehouse
    Green Day

  3. Cindy says:

    Come on ladies, quit tryin’ to edjekate me with yer books!

    Prince, yes! Anytime, anywhere. 😉

  4. Robyn says:

    So, I’m a bit of a geek here, but I downloaded software that could tell me the beats per minute for all of my songs in my itunes library. That way I can organize my songs by those that are good for a 4 mile per hour pace, 5 mile, etc… I haven’t yet completed this playlist, so I’m going to give you a sample of a few of my top rated songs that get me cranked. Brace yourself, it’s really random, but here you go:

    It’s a Long Way to the Top – AC/DC
    Good Pain – Live (Mental Jewelry is by far their best album!)
    Sway – The Kooks – good for a warm up/cool down
    Push th’ Little Daisies – Ween
    All Day – Ministry
    Headlock – Imogen Heap
    Kids – MGMT (excellent for doing the robot)
    Spiraling – Keene
    Say When – The Fray (so awesome to run to!)
    Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
    Long Train Runnin’ – Doobie Brothers
    The Devil’s Nachos – Hanson
    Shake Your Tailfeather – Murphy Lee

    PS – I also love the New Radicals, even if they did bash Hanson.

  5. Cindy says:

    This is great because I only know a few of those. Thanks!! Yes, the Hanson put down. I think they’re actually talented and pretty cool. Even so…
    “Health insurance rip off lying, fda big bankers buying. Fake computer crashes dining, cloning while they’re multiplying. Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson, Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson, you’re all fakes run to your mansions — come around we’ll kick your ‘bleep’ in”.

  6. Chef Lisa says:

    Since I do most workouts at home, I like to tune into the electronica channel on cable TV and just let that help me get grooving. Other times, it will be Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, KC and the Sunshine Band, anything produced by Timbaland, or even some Korn or Metallica. If it keeps me moving, I’m keeping it plugged in!

  7. love2eatinpa says:

    er, ahem, i happen to have “livin la vida loca” on my mp3 too. 🙂
    my workout songs really run the gamut… some other great, up-beat tunes i work out to are:
    michael jackson songs
    “shake your groove thing”
    some beyonce songs,
    “i want you to want me” (cheap trick) has a great running beat
    “i feel good” (james brown)
    some green day songs are really up-tempo
    i could go on and on…
    good luck!

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