The Rhythm is Gonna Get You!


These are famous lyrics you might recognize from a popular song (The Rhythm is Gonna Get You), sung by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine in the crazy 80’s. The lyrics came to me prior to writing this post about music and exercise, because it dawned on me how this song is a perfect example of the point I’m about to make.

Music intensifies the joy in movement. Most exercise consists of some repetitive movement and repetitive movement has its own rhythm. Rhythm can more easily be maintained with a beat (preferable a funky beat!). Not to say that sometimes it isn’t just nice to commune with nature on a walk, hike or run, but for me I’ve rather be taken away with some really great music. 

Most of the tapes I’ve made (yes I still make tapes), over the last couple decades have been a result of trying to create the quintessential exercise tape. Some songs are good for walking; some are better for the gym and some are best for stretching, yoga or weight training. Something about the feeling the songs evoke and the rhythm of the beat helps me work out better and more consistently and longer. Listening to music that I love really helps drive me to keep going.

When you first begin your work out you may not feel like you’re going to make it, but a great song can help you forget about that in about 3-4 minutes by putting you in a totally different frame of mind.  As I warm up, the songs get livelier with a quicker beat and inspirational melody. Usually, about 2/3rds of the way through my workout I strategically incorporate a big power song to help move me through that time when I may get bored or tired and want to quie. But, before I know it, I’ve moved through that stage of my workout and suddenly I feel like I can go, go and go!

Music helps you connect your mind and body with something pleasurable and putting together new music for a workout can create positive anticipation. So, think about putting your workouts to music…music you’ve created for yourself, tunes that work just for you. Before you know it the rhythm is gonna get you!

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