The Last Supper Effect – Do You Suffer From It?


Here at Green Mountain at Fox Run, we often talk about common thinking errors people struggle with that set the stage for eating when not hungry, bingeing, overeating, or even eating foods we don’t like (or aren’t in the mood for).  One such thinking error is the “Last Supper Effect,” essentially, eat it all now since you won’t have it again in the future.  This is usually in response to anticipated deprivation.

Reflect on these habits below to see if you occasionally struggle with the Last Supper Effect.

  • You overeat all weekend long in preparation for the diet starting on Monday,  or every night because you keep telling yourself, “I’ll be good tomorrow.”
  • You finish all the “goodies” in the house in preparation for “being good tomorrow.”
  • You eat something you don’t even like or aren’t in the mood for because you think it’s your last chance to have that food.

Can you relate to any of the above?  If so, you may want to read our latest FitBriefing, “Causes of Weight Gain: The Last Supper Effect” offering suggestions for tackling the Last Supper Effect.

One response to “The Last Supper Effect – Do You Suffer From It?”

  1. Jamie says:

    Great article! This is certainly something to bear in mind for anyone who works using ‘cheat days’. I used to have a day off from eating properly each week, usually on sundays. When I started doing this I ended up absolutely stuffing my face and undoing a lot of the hard work I’d done during the week- because I knew I wouldn’t be able to for another week.
    To get over this, I decided to spread the cheat day across the week- having a fw cheat meals now and then. It’s much easier to control, and leads to a LOT less overindulgence!

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