The Joys of Exercise – Get On Your Horse And Ride!


What to do when your workout becomes boooring? It seems to happen overnight, doesn’t it? One day you’re totally into it and the next day you loathe putting on your sneakers. It’s important to recognize this can be a critical time to make some good decisions. If you don’t have other forms of exercise to turn to, you can get yourself into trouble. Doing the same activity for too long can lead to boredom, exercise burnout and sometimes giving up on your workout altogether.

Every once and a while it’s important to introduce some change in your routine. Remember, exercise is all about the intrinsic joy one has when they move their body pleasurably. Also, novelty can make exercise more fun. It’s summer, so why not try something new and different? Instead of getting on a rowing machine in your gym – how about trying the real thing?  Take a real live bike ride – bikes are easy to rent these days, if you don’t have one. How about taking horseback riding lessons (wow, is that good for strengthening the inner thighs!) or just finding a new trail to walk. Change the scenery! Add a new element to your routine. Use headphones to listen to music or books on tape as you exercise, it can add an element of joy to your workout even when you’re breathing hard!

Shake it up this summer. Don’t get caught in the exercise doldrums. You’ll feel accomplished and confident that you were able to stick to it and most importantly because you’d miss it if you didn’t.

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