The Fat Tax – Paying Our Way Out Of Obesity?


I don’t know how much attention the fat tax (sometimes referred to as a ‘sin tax), is actually getting these days, but I do get the sense that federal, state and local government officials are being pressured to ratchet up their efforts to create remedies to deal with the increase in obesity among Americans – particularly children. The fact that they’re talking about a tax as a ‘real resolution’ to obesity in American is concerning, to say the least.

What does a tax really accomplish?  Although, I do know these things are never as simple as they seem, when I ran across the proposed fat tax, these things popped into my mind: knee jerk, shaming, diet obsessed and basically – clueless.

What is the real intent of the tax?  Read more about the tax here.

In brief, this tax proposes trading revenue on taxed high fat low nutrition processed foods for incentives toward healthier food choices. But, is this really where we want the efforts of our government to be focused? Anyway, I’m not sure that making food with lower nutritive value more expensive will deter consumers, regardless of their income level, from giving up their fast food.

In fact, the focus on bad foods creates for me thoughts of guilt and shame. If I’m going to eat a bag of M&M’s its because I’ve given myself permission to do so. I don’t need the government subliminally waving their finger at me. Gimme a break.

If such a tax could produce an intelligent media campaign which encouraged healthy eating, instead of paranoia and misinformation,  we might be able to create a demand in our food supply for fresh, healthy and more wholesome foods – without all the extra cost. I invite you to look to our neighbors to the north for their thoughtful program VITALITY a positive approach to healthy eating, since we can’t seem to figure it out.

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