The Day After


Happy day after Thanksgiving, y’all! Many of you out there may still have friends and family hangin’ round your door for the long weekend, looking at you with big hungry eyes that say, ‘Wow, that was a great meal yesterday, what’s on the menu for today?!?’

This is a scary concept for many of us, as the day after a holiday meal leaves many leftovers and temptations that hang around all day and in some cases all weekend long.

The key today would be to make it as regular an eating day as possible. Sure, everyone looks forward to turkey sandwiches, but the rest of your leftovers could be taken to a worthy organization in your area to help feed folks who are less fortunate.

Sharing food with folks who really need it could become a lovely tradition each year. Consider getting up early, boxing up all your leftovers and then taking them to a neighborhood shelter. You might take a brisk walk with your family and friends, drop off your bounty, and decide to stop at your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a delicious espresso, a light breakfast and good company. Putting closure on your feast in a way which makes you feel great and helps others is worth considering.

Regardless of your decision about what to do with leftovers, you may want to move down a couple posts and reread Marsha’s tips on mindful eating through the holidays, it never gets old.

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