The Day After Halloween


halloween pumpkinHappy Halloween! 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love being scared, I love dressing up, and I love spooky decorations.  One things I’m not 100% excited about is the candy.  If you are like me, you may have purchased candy well before the-day-of Halloween and having it the house, as a novel food, may have triggered some pre-Halloween snacking.  Even if you don’t tap into that candy until today, how will you handle the day after Halloween?

Truth be told, we needed to buy candy twice this year since my husband has managed to polish off most of our stash and I refuse to be the house that gives out pennies.  Now despite the fact that eating candy for a week straight was not in his best interest, I think something can be learned from how he’s handled the aftermath of eating the candy by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DIFFERENT with his eating and exercise habits.  One might think he should compensate for his week long candy binge, but he won’t.  He will go right back to his regular eating and activity and this is a man who at age 38, is still at his high school weight.

The lesson here is that sometimes we eat more and one day (or even multiple days) of a higher intake is not a recipe for imminent weight gain.  Unfortunately, people often feel guilty about eating more, or eating processed foods like candy, and then feel the need to eat less on later days or increase their physical activity to burn off those extra calories.  However, those acts of compensating may trigger overeating or bingeing in the future.  If this pattern sounds familiar to you, you may benefit from reading our Fitbriefing which addresses the subject of attempting to make up for overeating

In the end, getting back on your regular patterns after an anomaly like holiday eating is usually they best way to handle that isolated incident where you had a spike in our intake.  It will average out over time.  So enjoy the evening tonight. If you are having candy, eat the candy you like the most, rather than just eating any old kind because “it’s there.”  Appreciate and enjoy it and remember that one eating event won’t make or break an overall healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Really valuable stuff here, it’s OK to have a day off. Where most people go wrong is when they punish themselves for over eating on holidays and Christmas. This in turn leads them to just throw in the towel completely (it becomes to hard to make up that bad day) and you end up doing no exercise and making no progress.

    Bravo for this blog post

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks, Ashley! You make a good point about “throwing in the towel,” that in addition to the reaction of compensating, some people may take their eating to another extreme and really overeat or cut back their activity. It’s that old “I already blew it, so who cares,” kind of thinking that also gets us in trouble. Thanks for pointing that out.

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