The Comparison Game


Women comparing themselves

“Hey we’re identical! How often does that happen??”

Why can’t I have Gwen Stefani’s abs, or Jennifer Aniston’s chin, or my co-worker’s clear complexion????  Well, basically the answer is, because I’m not them.  My genes are different; my lifestyle is different, so of course we don’t look the same.

While it’s common knowledge that we all are different, why is it so easy to fall into that trap of comparing yourself to another person?  Why is it so easy to forget that my neckline is not a symptom of a character flaw, or a sign of my inability to do what’s right for my body, but just the silhouette I was born with.

It can be hard to accept your appearance if you are constantly bombarded with images of women who appear perfect in every way.  It begins to look like the norm and the negative self-talk begins. 

So what happens when we start to compare ourselves to others and begin to feel like we don’t measure up?  Plenty of people lose their motivation to exercise or make healthy food choices when they get caught up in this way of thinking.  Some people can even get wrapped up in self-destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors in response to these negative thoughts.

From time to time I need to remind myself that photos are air brushed, that financially I’m in a different position than a celebrity, and that their lives may be pretty hard too.  Imagine the pressure of HAVING to look perfect every day, or the feelings they must feel when someone decides to Photoshop out 1/2 their thighs because they’re “too big.”  No one is perfect, nor is anyone’s life sheer bliss just because they are good looking and fit.

To avoid the useless comparison game, I RARELY pick up a celebrity magazine.  I avoid over analyzing photos of celebrities that I see online.  What’s the point really, especially if it may only serve the purpose of making me feel bad in the long run?

Do you ever start comparing yourself with others?  What do you do to avoid letting that stir up a bunch of negative thoughts?

3 responses to “The Comparison Game”

  1. Laura says:

    Robyn, I have found myself in the comparison game often and it has always lead to self-sabotage. Since my stay at Green Mountain, and all I have learned, I do not fall into it as much. I am not as hard on myself. I am trying to be joyful in this body, as imperfect as it is. I used to think the joy had to wait till I was the size and weight I wanted, but that means missing out on so much that life offers. It takes lots of positive self-talk to not compare, but we’re worth it!

  2. Alisha Ria says:

    Am I the only one who sees Hollywood as what it is, an entertainment industry? It’s based on what’s not real, based on “Aspirations”. I read fashion magazines but they hardly ever give me low self-esteem, maybe because I’m into design and know all about airbrushing? Plastic surgery is common. Sadly, many men think this is all real, even when they know about the surgery, airbrushing, etc – that’s what bothers me.

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