The Binge Eating Diaries: Top Self-Care Accessories of 2015


The Binge Eating Diaries Top Self-Care Accessories of 2015 Welcome to today’s installment of The Binge Eating Diaries!

Today, we’re doing a deep dive into something a little shallow… stuff ‘n things! Goods ‘n gadgets!

Now, I’m constantly working on bettering myself from the inside out, but sometimes the perfect item from my accessory arsenal can make this process a little easier (and a whole lot more fun.)

This particular blog is about to give “it’s the little things” an entirely new meaning.

Here’s a little peek into my personal “bag” of trinkets and tricks – the things that make me smile, keep me organized, calm me down, motivate me, and give my endorphins something to scream about!

Snappy Snapware®:

I love plastic. (BPA-Free, of course). It just… gets me excited. How it smells, the sound it makes when it snaps shut, the colorful accents, the way it keeps my meal prep items organized and my leftovers safe and sound. I don’t need a reason to love today’s new, improved, and stylish containers… but I’ve got plenty.

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And my number one reason is this: I can portion out my goodies or meals into little boxes that feel like they were made just to hold that particular thing for me.

This makes a ¼ cup of cashews look like a hearty helping, as opposed to a sad snack…which is exactly what it looks like when I dump a few cashews into an oversized plastic bag.

Such a let down, isn’t it? All of that empty space! “That’s it!? That’s the suggested serving size? This can’t be right!”

(Plus, I’m like totally doing my part to save the environment when I ditch my excess Ziploc® baggage. Win, win!)

The Worthy Water Bottle:

While we’re on the topic… I have a statement to make! Plastic makes perfect. Hear me out.

This might sound ridiculous, but I kid you not – when I have a “pretty” water bottle that I like to put on my desk, carry around with me, and flaunt… I drink a LOT more water.

I’m actually looking for an excuse to have my “water bottle candy” with me at all times, which means… I must drink water!

The key to hydration is 95% aesthetic. Go figure! (My favorite brand at the moment? Contigo® for their fun shades, shapes, sizes, and straws!)

The Lucky Lunch Bag:

My lunch bag is basically another purse. It looks like a purse, carries like one, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think it was one.

Between my adorable plastic containers, my attention-grabbing water bottle, and my fabulous lunch bag… I pretty much feel like the most fashionable kid in the cafeteria. has some really fun stuff, but Target also has some awesome instant gratification options.

Wearable Wonders:

Every once in a while, a bad day can be turned around with a cute outfit. Sometimes, it’s just that simple. Am I right? Or am I right.

Well, in the same light, sometimes an unmotivated attitude toward movement just needs a little encouragement – starting with bright headphones, even brighter sneakers, or a brand spankin’ new matching outfit. Kick your gear into gear!

Marshalls® and TJ Maxx® are great for these little purchases. First of all, “the hunt” is half the fun. You have to dig for the ultimate deal and boy does it feel good when you finally find it.

In the past 6 months or so, I’ve found a back support belt, some one-pound workout gloves, and a jogging belt just big enough for my keys.

Not a fan of jogging? (No one blames you for that one.) Dig through your closet or hit up a flea market for that fanny pack! I have a small, sporty one for short walks and a red, gaudy, oversized leather one for long walks.

Now, if someone tries to tell you that your fanny pack is out-of-date and out-of-fashion, you look her straight in the eye and say, “I beg to differ.” Then you strut away, hips swinging, and fanny pack swaying!

(I can almost guarantee you that she’ll be on Amazon® later that night ordering her very own.)

Budget feeling a little tight?

(I live in L.A. I completely understand!)

Find some pride in a little D.I.Y. project.

My partner and I have matching “HIKING ONLY” hemp necklaces that I made for us one night in preparation for our upcoming adventure. (I was so excited to accessorize my hiking outfit that I actually started looking forward to the hike itself!)

Music Makeover:

Don’t forget to switch up your music like you switch up your workout! Never (I repeat NEVER) let your playlist get stale.

When you hear a pump up song on the radio, jot it down and then spend one night a month uploading new tunes onto your phone. Or, if you’re “old-school” like me, put your new jams on your iPod.

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(I like to keep my music and my phone separate so that my movement time remains email-free, text-free, and drama-free. That’s ME time, baby!)

I used to dread downloading new music. It took time and energy and blah blah excuses, excuses… but one night a month is reasonable. And the next day, I find myself really looking forward to my upcoming workout.

A great beat gets me movin’ my feet! Here are a few of my latest downloads:

  • Cage The Elephant – Back Against The Wall
  • CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace
  • Meg Myers – Lemon Eyes
  • The Weekend – Can’t Feel My Face
  • 21 Pilots – Stressed Out
  • Cold War Kids – First
  • Elle King – Ex’s and Oh’s and America’s Sweetheart

Is my music style not your taste? How about movin’ and groovin’ to some of these female empowerment songs?

  • Destiny’s Child – Independent Women, Pt. 1
  • Beyonce – Run The World (Girls) and Flawless
  • Jessie James – I Look So Good (Without You)
  • Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like a Woman
  • Britney Spears – Stronger

Music not your thing? Plan your gym trip around your favorite TV show and catch an eyeful while you’re doing your treadmill thang.

Or, upload a book on tape or podcast to keep you company while you take a stroll outside, stretch it out, or lift some weights. (Whatever your pleasure!)

It’s The Little Things

The tiniest little pick-me-ups can really boost confidence or get you in the mood to move!

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When I was binge eating on a daily basis, I never gave myself these small gifts or kindnesses. I didn’t think I deserved them. But over the years, I’ve come to realize just how important it is make the small things (like food storage and water bottles) fun and exciting.

After all, the more we care about ourselves… the better we take care of ourselves.

Until next time,


What self-care tricks do you have up your sleeve? Please feel welcomed to share in the safe space below!

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