The Binge Eating Diaries: Have You Thanked Your Body Lately?

body positiveDoesn’t it feel awesome to know that you’re appreciated?

I make it a point to say thank you and show my gratitude for even the most miniscule things. I want other people to know that I see them, hear them, and treasure them completely.

But I’m not always sure that I mean what I say. Sometimes, I think that my responses are actually on autopilot.

I know I’m supposed to acknowledge kindnesses, so I say and do the obvious. And I’m pretty sure I sound as grateful as I think I’m being at the time. But deep down I know that I’m not always capable of comprehending the magnitude that these impactful gestures have on my life.

Being Present to Truly Be Grateful

I have a tendency to miss things – beautiful, one-of-a-kind moments. They happen, I respond (or react), and they drift away. They get buried under layers of anxiety about life and, more often than not, about food.

What I have found is that it takes an extreme amount of effort to be completely present. (Hence, why mindful eating has always been a struggle for me).

I barely have a single memory from the two years I “never put the fork” down when I was binge eating constantly. I was coping and I was surviving, but boy was I missing out.

And I hope, even as I continue to struggle with emotional overeating, that I can learn how to connect my moments, senses, taste buds, and hippocampus once again. Because when I pause and throw a wrench in the tornado of swirling thoughts, push away the madness, and close my eyes – I realize just how full my life is right now.

And I can only imagine how overflowing it would be if I were able to truly appreciate the daily gifts that others bestow upon me and finally put myself and my body on this gratitude list.

The latter is even trickier. How can you be grateful for something when you can’t accept, let alone appreciate it?

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I rarely thank myself for doing a good job… at anything. And there have been even fewer instances when I have thanked my body for all it does for me. I’m always too pissed off at it.

But my body should be the one who’s angry with me, not the other way around.

Day in and day out it puts up with all of the confusion and frustration I subject it to. And sometimes the only gratitude I show it is a good “tooth-brushing” or some light “hand-lotioning”.

(How unfair is that? If my partner treated me the way I treat myself, I would be very, very single.)

Even if we can’t fit 3 hours of pampering in every night, we can still take just a few moments to thank our bodies with acknowledgement, words, touch, or even a good belly laugh. It deserves it. We deserve it.

…So here goes nothin’!

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Thanking My Body, From Head To Toe: A Self-Care Exercise

Thank you eyes, for seeing my nephew’s smile, witnessing the leaves changing colors in the fall, and looking at a picture that reminds me of a really good day.

Thank you nose, for smelling the crockpot from down the hall after a 10-hour shift at work. (Dinner is done. Hallelujah!)

Thank you ears, for allowing me to fall asleep to the sound of my fan every single night for the past 26 years, and for the wheezing sound of my mother laughing so hard she can barely breathe. Both are music to me.

Thank you arms, for the hugging. All of the glorious, delicious hugging we’ve done in this lifetime.

Than you hands, for stirring, lifting, pushing, pulling, waiving, detangling, turning on, flipping off (ha!), organizing, steering, losing at Uno against my dad over and over again, and so, so much more.

Thank you stomach, for digesting the good, the bad, and the ugly over the years.

Thank you thighs, for the bicycle rides on Venice Beach with my partner-in-crime.

Thank you feet, for so many perfect walks on the treadmill, on the sidewalk, and up mountains.

Thank you body, for granting me the gift of life. Because of you, I truly get to live.

So Much to Be Grateful For

Without the beautiful souls in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Unlike food (where quantity sometimes wins over quality), I pick my people very carefully. This is a self-care method that I have finally mastered.

If someone isn’t going to enrich your life or is going to strip you of happiness, they don’t get to be in it. Buh bye!

And even though these individuals might not know when I’m “faking a gratitude”, I’d really like to mean it from my bones, instead of repeating it from a script. Hell, after putting up with my foods, moods, and ‘tudes for so long – they sure have earned it!

And so has this body.

Think about it… without these vessels that we abuse, ridicule, and torture – we wouldn’t be. We could not exist.

Our bodies do not define us when it comes to beauty, but they define us when it comes to literally being human. They’re masterpieces and yet I often treat mine like a knockoff, as if it isn’t worth a pretty penny.

But you and I? We’re Mona Lisas – surrounded by Picassos, Warhols, and Monets.

Let’s not forget it. Or, forget to be grateful for it.

Until next time,


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10 responses to “The Binge Eating Diaries: Have You Thanked Your Body Lately?”

  1. Brooke says:

    Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alice Rosen says:

    This is a beautiful, wise and inspiring post. thank you.

  3. Amy says:

    You wrote what has been in my heart and on my mind. That you for putting the words out there, and reminding me to be grateful for what is today.

  4. Alex says:

    I’ve been struggling with bed ,I don’t share this with anyone.
    Reading this it gave me some answers that I have been looking for.
    I bookmarked it so I can remember that I am not alone.

    • Jace says:


      Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts with us. It was an extremely brave thing to do. Always feel free to remind yourself that here, on this blog, you are never alone. Thank you again, Alex.


  5. Muni says:

    Very interesting. It didn’t cross my mind to thank my body. I likes.

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