The Art of Snacking


Just minutes ago, I realized it was time for a snack. Why? Because if I don’t have little snacks throughout the day I’m ravenous at mealtime and will often times want to graze into the evening. A simple snack (in this case a few almonds and a couple slices of Swiss cheese), will help curb my appetite and help fill in the missing protein and dairy I may not get enough of throughout the day while leaving me feeling satiated and content.

I use to feel snacking was a decadent, unnecessary indulgence. Something that simply added unnecessary calories to my diet. It took me a long time to make the hunger connection. Why it was that I was always hungry, even after mealtime, and why I couldn’t stop nibbling well into the night – only to start the syndrome all over again the next day.

As a result, my waistline expanded ever so slowly, until I would reached a point of complete and total frustration. Now, I’ve learned that snacking is critical and a necessary part of a nutritious, fulfilling and successful eating plan.

If you need to pick up the pace (eating at least every 3 to 4 hours), you can find all kinds of nutritious and tasty snacks in the Green Mountain “Recipes For Living” cookbook, on sale now.

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