The 15-Minute Miracle


I believe I’ve battered down the last bastion of all or nothing or “the diet mentality” that I’ve been harboring.

For me, exercise has always been the doorway for “all or nothing” to assert its insidious ways…“why should I exercise if I can’t do 45 minutes of cardio and 55 minutes of strength training“….“I can’t make a difference unless everything is perfect.”

I try to remind myself of the metabolic health improvements that exercise provides, regardless of how long or how perfectly it was done. I’d try to confront the all or nothing mentality head on by forcibly rejecting those thoughts from my mind. But I’d still find myself saying, “it’s not enough, long enough, good enough, etc to make any difference.”

Then two things happened in succession, I re-read “When Enough is Enough” by Mimi Francis, Green Mountain’s health behavioral therapist, on this blog. And then the number “15” jumped into my head…as in “just do 15 minutes, you can stand that, who can’t fit 15 minutes into their day?”

And it worked…I’ve been able to be much more consistent because I’m only committing myself to 15 minutes – if I want to do more, I can, but if that’s all I can spare, or let’s face it, if I’m bored or not “feeling it” I can stop without shame or blame. And since it was a positive experience, I’m ready to go again without reservation!

So I do call this my 15-minute miracle, and because I discovered the solution that works for me, it feels very natural and easy to do. Work at thinking simpler today, and discover a solution to something that troubles you.

PS It doesn’t have to be anything to do with weight, food, exercise or eating!

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