Thanksgiving in Vermont


Thanksgiving Getaway in VermontDoes Thanksgiving stress you out? The thought of all the food…all that shopping, cooking, then struggling to enjoy it without worry?

2014 Thanksgiving Getaways

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve planned special 4- and 7-Day Thanksgiving Getaways just for you!

We love Thanksgiving at Green Mountain. Each year, we host a traditional Thanksgiving meal as part of our acclaimed non-diet healthy weight program. In our supportive environment , our participants savor the wonderful food as well as the company of like-minded women who understand the struggle with food and eating.

When joining us at Thanksgiving, you can E.A.T.:

Escape to the calming serenity and beauty of Vermont this season. Take time to catch your breath, refresh and renew with regular physical activity before the busyness of the holidays.

Absorb the teachings of a pioneering non-diet mindful eating program and the support of like-minded women who can help you put in place a self-care strategy to serve you well through the holidays and beyond.

Taste the deliciousness of the traditional Thanksgiving foods you love, eaten in a way that makes you feel well – turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce and, yes, pumpkin pie. And you won’t have to lift a finger! Just a fork, and maybe a knife and spoon.

Black Friday Shopping 2014

Plus, this year we’re featuring Black Friday shopping so you can enjoy the unique shopping opportunities of Vermont. If you don’t want to shop, we’ll have a full day of programming also.

So join us to immerse yourself in the country’s only approach to health and fitness tailored for women that’s FUN, liberating and doable!

If you have questions, give us a call at 800.448.8106. Or email us at

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