A Twist on Thanksgiving Leftovers


turkey leftover sandwichIn the midst of yesterday’s holiday of feasting, one thing was for certain: there would be an aftermath. And in this case, we’re not referring to the morning-after negative self-talk that may occur following “too much” enjoying. We’re talking about leftovers that need to be used ASAP.

If you want some creative ideas for leftovers other than your favorite turkey sandwich (and we’re pretty sure you don’t need us for that one), Green Mountain has a few healthy Thanksgiving leftover recipe ideas to try:

Tasty Turkey

It may seem obvious to some, but if you didn’t know, roasted turkey freezes pretty well. Cut it into bite-size pieces and portion it out to use for turkey salads, turkey paninis, turkey soups, turkey and cheese wraps, turkey pasta dishes, or a simple sauteed recipe such as Mushroom-Kale Almond Rice. One of our participants’ favorite recipes is our Thai Turkey Soup, which is likely very different from what you had for dinner yesterday.

Vivacious Veggies

Next, how to recycle the vegetables? Leftover vegetables are quite possible, as many Thanksgiving guests will (sadly) forgo the green stuff to get more turkey and stuffing. Roasted veggies are wonderful in wraps (maybe with some of that turkey?) with a little bit of cheese; check out our Sweet Potato and Portabella Mushroom blend to get your wheels turning. Also think about a sweet potato risotto or sweet potato bisque with carmelized onions.

Green bean casserole, if not too wet, could work as a finishing to a stir fry depending on your original seasonings, with the addition of some tamari or soy sauce. Or you can toss those green beans into a tuna noodle casserole or lasagna.

Dynamite Desserts

If you have leftover pumpkin pie mix, what about using it for pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins? And lest we forget, pie freezes well, too. Cut leftovers into appropriate servings so you can pull out the exact number of portions you need when you need them, to ensure more mindful enjoyment.

What are your fave Thanksgiving leftover recipes?

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