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healthy weight week logo We are coming to the end of Healthy Weight Week 2014, our first year as sponsor. To say that this has been a labor of love is an understatement – it has been an energizing, meaningful and thought-filled process which we plan to build upon far into the future.

As you all know by now, the intent of this event is to direct the national conversation away from dieting and weight and instead to promote attention toward self-care and health. We firmly believe that we CAN change that conversation and we will do so by engaging people through our writing and our discussions when we talk about weight neutrality, the joy of movement and body acceptance.

We’d like to personally thank everyone who has had a hand (or a mouse!) in supporting this event and that message.

Whether you are engaging friends, family or colleagues, it only takes 2 people to start, or change, the conversation.

We also offer our sincere thanks to the following people for their outreach, comments and online support:

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Green Mountain at Fox Run will continue to provide information and resources in support of this movement throughout the year and we encourage you to visit our blog, print our FitBriefings and share these ideas among your circles.

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  1. Laura says:

    Who won the free week?

    • Lisa Christie says:

      Hi Laura,

      We had two winners, who have been contacted, but we cannot share their names until they give us permission. Once we have their permission, we’ll be sure to update everyone on it!

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