– Caroline H., Ottawa, Canada

“The courses were all professionally taught, complete, with a good variety. Very notable that all the instructors are able to easily modify so that all can participate in most classes.” 

– M.D., Wayland, MA

“For the first time that I can remember, I am not obsessed with food and I feel good about my body and my being. It is a gift and a treasure that I appreciate every day.” 

– Chevese Turner, Founder / CEO, Binge Eating Disorder Association

“Green Mountain approaches eating and weight in a manner that considers the entire person, body and mind, in an atmosphere that is about acceptance and health. Spending time here is truly an investment in you and your quality of life.” 

– Kathleen, Oak Park, IL

“If you hesitate to go to GM because of the cost, think again. I gladly pay the price because the GM staff is the best group of warm, compassionate, knowledgeable people in their areas of expertise that I could ever hope to find in one place. I come back from GM feeling renewed and energized,