– Megan A., 2016

“Before coming to Green Mountain I was a broken woman with a marriage in turmoil. Physically and mentally I had fallen apart. I needed a break and a way to care for myself. Green Mountain and the Pathway program were exactly what I needed. Though my weight and emotional eating were issues, in reality they were symptoms of emotional and other needs. Pathway helped me understand how to identify my needs and gave me practice in how to voice them rather then stuff them down with food. Sheri understood the complicated issues I was facing and helped me work through solutions and coping skills. LynnAnn got me to see through all the barriers I had put up and I got moving again. Her positive reinforcement of my efforts was encouraging and I was exercising and doing more than I had in years within a week. The food here was amazing and I never felt deprived. In fact, I was able to reconnect with my body’s own cues about hunger and satiety that I had long since ignored. The classes were so informative and the program in general allow me to bond with and create lasting friendship with other women, kindred spirits who have changed my life. In fact, Green Mountain really has saved my life.

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