– Liz, NY, 2016

“I could not get a handle on my eating and bingeing behavior at home. I was in a vicious cycle I could not break until I spent a week at Green Mountain, and was suddenly able to see a different way to engage with food. To put more structure in my day, to cease the starvation/bingeing cycle, and instead structure my day by food, to plan out most importantly, when to eat. It changed my focus, and helped me reconnect with my body, to feeling the early stages of hunger instead of only the intense hunger that contributed to the need to binge. It taught me that exercise does not have to be painful or intense to be effective, and that you should listen to your body in that too. And it taught me to reshape the conversation within myself, to find a more positive way to look at food, to look at myself, and to find importance and requirement of fulfilling my needs within the needs of my family, instead of only thinking of what is needed for them with myself at the bottom of the list. It has been life changing, and I cannot thank everyone at Green Mountain at Fox Run more for the brief but powerful experience I had there.”

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