– Susan Read, Aug. 2018

I was amazed that this program worked. I feel good in my body all the time now. Anyone who has issues with eating or overeating or dieting should consider taking this program for the full four weeks. It will change your life.

– Courtney H., IL, July 2018

I truly enjoyed my experience. I ate well, moved my body, met friends, listened to myself, found my inner voice again, and I’m ready to begin a happier, healthier, life back home. Thank you Green Mountain!

– Chloe M., MA, July 2018

I would definitely recommend Green Mountain to any woman who’s looking to go somewhere where she guides the changes she will make. Green Mountain is very self-driven with assistance from professionals as needed, but we (the participants) are in the driver’s seat. Anyone who is looking to explore their relationship with food, learn about their

– Lisa P., IL, March 2018

After years of being stuck, the professional and qualified staff initiated a new way of life. A happier life. I was a chronic dieter for 40 years, now I don’t diet and I feel liberated and free. It’s so nice to like myself after years of self-loathing. I highly recommend a stay, because you deserve

– Aiala R., NH, March 2018

I just came back home after spending three amazing weeks in the Green Mountain at Fox Run health retreat. It was a life changer for me. A true health retreat, mind, and body focusing on weight management by incorporating mindfulness in all aspect of life.