– A.M., Oct. 2018

I didn’t realize what kind of mental state I was in until all the women who work there so tirelessly broke down my walls. I am no longer afraid of food. I don’t beat myself up for the choices I make, and I listen to my cravings. I miss the place that changed my life,

– E.F., Oct. 2018

Spending time at GM changed my life, plain and simple. For the first time in my lifelong struggle with food and eating, I felt understood by a community of caring professionals and fellow women who were just as lost as I was. I learned about how and why my struggle started, and most importantly, I

– Susan Read, Aug. 2018

I was amazed that this program worked. I feel good in my body all the time now. Anyone who has issues with eating or overeating or dieting should consider taking this program for the full four weeks. It will change your life.

– Courtney H., IL, July 2018

I truly enjoyed my experience. I ate well, moved my body, met friends, listened to myself, found my inner voice again, and I’m ready to begin a happier, healthier, life back home. Thank you Green Mountain!

– Chloe M., MA, July 2018

I would definitely recommend Green Mountain to any woman who’s looking to go somewhere where she guides the changes she will make. Green Mountain is very self-driven with assistance from professionals as needed, but we (the participants) are in the driver’s seat. Anyone who is looking to explore their relationship with food, learn about their