Taxing Saturated Fat


spreading fat on your toastAlthough this is old news that Denmark initiated a tax on saturated fat (back in 2011), I’m just wondering how this is panning out for them.  Foods that have a saturated fat content of more than 2.3% qualify for this additional tax.  This increases the price of butter, meat, chips, cheese, oils, etc…   Also, around the same time, France implemented a soda tax.  Of course food producers are not pleased with these “sin taxes,” but I wonder if it’s really curbing intake of these foods or if it’s apt to trigger a rebellion-based eating.

It will be interesting to see over time how much of a decrease in consumption this actually encourages.  It’s not exactly making butter or pop forbidden fruit, since people can still buy it, it’s just making it more expensive.  As a native New Yorker, I’ve also noticed this sin-tax deterent being applied to cigarettes, which are taxed so highly in NY that a pack of cigarettes is $11 in certain places.  Do I know smokers who are still dishing out that $11?  I sure do.  Would it be the same with butter or sugar?

What are your thoughts?  Would price increases on certain foods keep you from buying them? 

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