Tale of Two Kitties, Part 2


Back in May I posted “A Tale of Two Kitties,” a story about two female litter mate catstwo Calicos kitties  (another way to say sisters with the same mother and father) I had for 18 years – one thin, lanky and beautiful, the other pudgy, tubby, and cute in a roly-poly way. I observed them over the years, jeering at one another, and noted with amazement how close to human sisters they behaved at times – with one exception. The heavier of the two never felt compromised by her size – she did the same feats of agility that all cats do, just with a louder landing. Nor did she get a complex about not being “the beautiful one.”

At the end of the post, I revealed that they lived to within a few months of each other, as did their other siblings that lived with other families (they all died at age 18), and promised to write more about that interesting “coincidence.” Well, here is the follow up…

A new study shows that people that are told they are “obese” or their BMI (body mass index) is too high seek medical treatment less often than their “normal weight” counterparts. Those told they were obese, with all the ensuing dire predictions of death and disease, cite two reasons why don’t seek treatment when they know that they should – fear of ridicule by health professionals, and the belief that it doesn’t make a difference anyway. The facts of longevity do not support this notion of early death for the overweight.

And these opinions were held across the gamut of age, social status, income, insured or not. The extreme tactics of those that are supposed to care for our health (although in my opinion, I believe we are all supposed to care for our own health, and be our own health advocate) seems to be causing the opposite effect – fewer people taking care of themselves and making those small lifestyle changes that create the big differences in health (but not necessarily weight).

So stop treating yourself like a ticking time bomb, and just appreciate your body by taking care of it, whatever you weigh….your body can take you for a walk, bounce a child, pick a flower (and smell it), tease your sister and lots of other fun stuff if you give it a chance.

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    An insightful principle found in a delightful article.

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