Taking Supplements – Who Can Remember?


You may find it’s difficult to:

  • assess if you need supplements
  • discuss it with your doctor
  • make sure they don’t interact with meds, food, or other supplements you already take
  • select the right type
  • determine the best time to take them

However, after all that’s said and done, isn’t the hardest part remembering to actually take them?  As one of the Registered Dietitians on staff at our healthy weight loss spa, I often do counseling sessions or phone consults with women to help them figure out all the issues listed above.  After a plan is in place for those individuals who need supplements, the hard work really happens at home.

This subject is on my brain, as I’m currently very aware of my need to supplement with Vitamin D.  My recent lab work showed that my last 8 years of living in this less-than-tropical state of VT has helped me develop a Vitamin D deficiency.  To put the matter even more in-my-face, a recent slip has awarded me a broken arm.  Do I need to remember to protect my bone health and take my Vitamin D?  You betcha’!   Is it hard for me, despite being super motivated, to remember to take it.  Sure is, some days.

Here are a couple of tricks I like for remembering to take supplements:

  • put the supplement next to something you use daily – in my case, my “coffee station” at home
  • split your supplements so you have a stash at work – if you forget to take them at home, you can later in the day when you remember
  • keep your supplements on the bathroom sink next to your toothbrush – you can easily take them when you brush your teeth before leaving home, since you’ll have a water source
  • switch types of supplements, if you think of them at random times when you don’t have a drink to wash them down – a chewable could be taken anywhere
  • use written reminders or a pop-up reminder in your email – in this case keep the supplements by your computer

What tricks do you use to help you consistently take supplements or meds?

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