Taking It Outside: Moving Because We Want To


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In many places throughout the US, school is already back in full swing or just getting started today.  And while that means different things for different folks, it does mark a change in seasons right before the change in seasons really happens.

That change is a spectacular one in Vermont.  One of the prettiest times of the year in a state that is renowned for its pretty times throughout the year, Fall in Vermont is not to be missed if at all possible.  Crisp air reinvigorates as the green of our forested landscape transforms into a panoply of vivid reds, oranges and yellows.

It’s the perfect setting for ramping up the motivation to move.

When we spend time outdoors, we can reconnect with the joy and relaxation of physical activity. It also helps us reconnect to the intrinsic motivation for physical activity that we experienced as a child. We were moving, because we could and wanted to, not because we “had” to.

That from one of our FitBriefings, monthly articles we put together on topics of interest to fitness-minded women.  This one, titled “Healthy Living: Taking It Outside,” talks about the joys of the natural gymnasium right outside our doorsteps, recognizing that some of us live in places like Vermont while others get to enjoy the wonders of cities that also have a lot to offer outdoors.


So regardless where you spend most of your days, take time to spend some of those days outside.  It can add a whole new feel to your fitness.

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