Confessions of a Pioneering Non-Diet Dietitian: 11 Ways I Stay Recovered

When I was asked to write about the “You Are More Than You Know” theme we’ve got going here at A Weight Lifted, I floundered. What in the world would I write about? After a bit of thought, I gravitated to where I spent a lot of time in the past – in that space of

3 Tips for Going the Distance: Even When You Think You Can’t

My decision to become a runner was somewhat random, unplanned, and certainly unexpected. I didn’t participate in track or cross-country when I was in school. In fact, I hated most sports that involved running. So much so that I would plan to be “sick” on the days we had to do the timed mile run

The Ripple Effect: Small Actions Lead to Big Changes

I stand on my deck and throw a stone into the glass-like water of the small pond outside my house.  There’s an instant impact, a circular ripple that spreads out towards the edges of the pond. It’s like the impact that we have on the others around us every day: you never really know how