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friend support teamIf you are attempting to change old habits and adopt new healthier patterns, social support is an essential piece of any self-improvement plan.

Asking for help and support from others around us can aid in our ability to create healthy habits. And, not just asking for support – but also describing what support looks like to you – can make all the difference.

It’s likely that your support team includes family, friends, and maybe professionals you work with like personal trainers, dietitians, therapists and doctors, however, I believe it can also include strangers. But before you start thinking Stranger Danger, hear me out.

However, I believe your support team can also include strangers.

I personally have used online forums for support (don’t forget about groups on Facebook), and I’ve also found that Craigslist and Meetup have a lot of interesting groups that could be part of a person’s support team. Whether you are working on being more active, eating well, or just looking for fun things to do, you are likely to find a group of people also working on those same things.

Just in the Ludlow, VT area, I found a mountain activities group and a meditation group. But searching Boston, the largest metro area by Ludlow, I found a holistic health speaker series group, a MindfulBoston group and a whole living group, among hundreds of others.

I recently decided to join a vegan potluck meetup group. So far I’ve only been to one of the dinners, but I’m looking forward to attending more. It was great to meet like-minded people, eat delicious food, and share recipes. It’s inspired me to look for more groups in my area that could offer support.

How have you found groups that have become part of your support team?

Green Mountain is offering a new video chat class for support teams of recent participants. If you think your friends and family could benefit from learning about healthy weights and the non-diet approach, we invite you to contact us.

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  1. Harriet Krivit says:

    Any support groups not facebook or twitter? Could be nationwide or even world wide for that matter. Just English speaking.

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