Sunshine as Therapy


Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up in VT after a long winter, it’s been great to spend more time outdoors.  Last week I literally got up at 5 AM so I could do some gardening before work.  That may sound crazy, but being able to be outside in warm weather really perks up my mood.  Even though I got rained on a bit that morning, it was still warm and pleasant out; I didn’t care.  After a sunny day of dancing at an outdoor concert this past weekend, I didn’t mind the minor rainfall we were subjected to either; it was just great to be outside!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been spending more time outside at our healthy weight loss spa in VT.  Our walks/hikes have been great since the temperature is perfect and flowers, buds on trees and spring plants are popping up everywhere.  I’m so much more motivated to do outdoor exercise versus indoor.

All too often it’s easy for people to fall into the trap of keeping themselves indoors due to habit, fatigue, or a negative mood.  It’s amazing to me how often getting outside and seeing sun, trees, listening to birds, checking out plants & wildlife (I finally saw my first moose this weekend too!), or feeling a warm breeze on your face can really help with fatigue or a low mood.  I’m not saying it cures all that ails us, but it’s one free form of therapy that we often forget about.

What outdoor activities do you enjoy in the Spring?  Do you notice the more time you spend outside the less time you spend on less healthy activities like excessive screen-time or non-hunger eating?

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