Summer Read & Giveaway: After the Before & After


Continuing with our recommended summer reads series, I’m pleased to tell you about Karen C.L. Anderson’s book After (the before & after): A real-life story of weight loss, weight gain and weightlessness through total acceptance.

Gotta love that title! But even more, it’s one of the best chronicles I’ve read of the ups and downs on the way to figuring out a struggle with eating, exercise and weight.

Part of the reason I think the book is so good is because Karen is someone who has made an honest and extremely diligent effort to discover the root causes of her struggle. She just doesn’t keep doing the same thing; she has clearly invested a lot of time and effort into finding answers. She explores a wide range of issues, including things we address in our Healing with Food program that are on the cutting edge of treatments to end problems with eating, health and weight.  Plus, she tells her story in an open and many times humorous way that keeps you interested.

But what I’m really excited about is that at the end of her story Karen has found herself in a place that we at Green Mountain find so confirming. She’s an example of how what we try to help women do, can really take them to the place that can finally put eating and weight struggles to rest.

The title of her book tells you where that place is, and the final chapter of the book gives a quick peek into her journey. It features a bulleted summary of her struggle over the past 10 years.

  • About 10 years ago, she weighed 225 pounds, didn’t exercise, binge ate, was on a statin medication, and wanted to lose weight but hadn’t had any success in the many times she had tried.
  • As she finished writing the book, she’s not focused on losing weight even though she is losing weight as a natural outcome. She’s eating what she wants but knows that what she wants to eat has changed, and is able to eat sugar/carbs without being triggered to eat more. She’s someone who trusts her body to let her know when she’s hungry and when she’s satisfied. And most importantly, she’s happy!

So for an inspiring and informing read, get yourself a copy today! You can order it here.

But wait!!  You can win a free copy by answering this question in the comments below (thanks to @mizfitonline for the idea):  What does self-acceptance mean to you?  I’ll do a random drawing next Friday.

Have a great July 4th, American friends!

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