Escaping Stress – I Dare You!


Yeah, I’m stressed out. Who isn’t? I’m stressed about my weight, my workouts (or the lack thereof), deadlines (some self-imposed, others not), getting this post up by 9 a.m. (failed), and any one of a number of other things. Right now, I feel the physical tension building in my shoulders, a low-grade headache beginning and a growl in my stomach that says, I need food! Oh, excuse me, I need to get the phone…

What is it about an otherwise, well-planned out day that can go so awry? With every good intention, I still end up feeling the pressure.  I guess the truth is, we can’t avoid stress and sometimes it actually serves as a motivator to give us the necessary kick in the behind to move forward. But, in truth, I fear it creates more problems than it solves.

I found this old survey from a past Green Mountain FitBriefing, that offers a way to check for signs of negative stress. Wow, if this is the litmus test, I’m in trouble.

  • Constantly tired – check
  • Frequent headaches – check, check
  • Nausea or stomach in knots – pass the Pepto
  • Anger or irritability – CHECK, already!
  • Trouble sleeping – z-z-z-z
  • Trouble concentrating – What were you saying?
  • Lack of interest in things you used to find interesting – Obama who?

If you checked off even half of the symptoms above, you might want to check out what’s at the root of your stress.

And, if you’re up for it, we’d love it if you took our own stress test offered below.

One response to “Escaping Stress – I Dare You!”

  1. Shauna Weiss says:

    Yikes, I have checked a little more than half! Good thing I work out regularly!

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