Travel Tip: Strength Train on the Road


I’m a frequent traveler, but I’ve never been great about working out while I’m on the road. I think the bottom line is getting into a routine and making it easy for yourself. If the hotel doesn’t have a gym or you just don’t have time to get out there and go for a run, at least you can find a way to get your strength training in. Dyna-Bands and SPRI-tubes are a great tool for travel. They’re lightweight and can easily fit in your suitcase or gym bag. As our fitness manager, Jennifer Ricupero, said in an earlier post, Dyna-Bands can kick it up a notch because “they work on strength and endurance throughout each muscle’s range of motion.” Here are a few simple exercises you can do in your hotel room, at the office…anywhere, really.

Bicep Curls: Sit in a chair with a Dyna-Band under your feet. Grasp ends of band with your palms facing up. Curl/pull upward. Keep elbows in tight toward the body. Release slowly.

Tricep Extensions: Sit in a chair with ends of Dyna-Band around hands. Place one hand behind you, in the center of your back. Raise the other hand up so that your elbow is bent next to your eat (see top photo). Raise elbow above head and push toward the ceiling. Release with gentle tension as you lower the band

Lateral Arm Raise: Sit in a chair with Dyna-Band under your legs. Grasp the ends of the Dyna-Bands on each side. Keep thumbs up in “hitch-hiker” position as you raise to the point of gentle tension, then lower. Keep feet and arms wide at all times.

Chest Press: Sit in a chair with Dyna-Band around your back. Grasp the ends of the band with both hands. Knuckles should face forward and elbows should be up at shoulder level. Press band forward, then return to start position. Keep gentle tension on the band at all times.

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