Remove the Labels & Heal Your Binge Eating


NEDA awarenes weekIt’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and many practitioners and organizations are in the midst of supporting women that struggle with their bodies and managing their eating.

If you don’t know me, I can tell you that I struggled with binge eating disorder beginning when my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness when I was 14 years old.

The binge eating continued for decades until I pieced together a way of healing. Much of what I love teaching here and my passion for helping women find a way out comes from my personal experience. I am devoted to you.

That said, I want to share something that I have found to be a powerful way through and out for the women that I work with.

The women who I see find relief from eating related struggles often create a new identity.

Shift your paradigm for results

They make a decision to focus less on where they are now and begin to take on the perspective, behaviors, and traits of who they are on the road to becoming.

It’s impossible to solve a problem from the problem itself.

Your eating-disordered self doesn’t have the answers for you because it can only see things through its lens of fear, self-loathing and beliefs that keep you struggling.

Stepping into the part of you that holds the identity of strength, resilience, creativity, desire, among other things – that’s where the changes you want live, in my years of experience with all of this. Changing up your identity is where the paradigm and everything else shifts.

Release yourself from labels

Release yourself even from the labels of “eating disordered” or “binge eater” or whatever else it is that you have been calling yourself as you have struggled with food or weight or learning to love yourself in these bodily ways.

You have to reconfigure the pieces that will work for you, that will take you into a life that reflects the truth of who you are. Your body hears everything you say. It houses your heart and your mind and all of your experiences.

Looking at your self through such a limited lens as these longstanding identities we build around our eating, is like looking through a tiny shard of glass. We can’t see clearly, or wholly, what is there waiting to be claimed and expressed.

We have different “selves,” different aspects and letting all of them have their “say” is what will begin to move you away from the limited identity of how you eat or what you weigh.

What do you think about when nobody’s looking?

Sometimes you can get clues from what you loved when you were younger, remembered times of wellness or times of connection and happiness.

What do you think about when nobody’s looking? Your daydreams also give you an uncensored peek into the parts of you that want to come into fuller expression, into which direction you want to head.

Tapping into all of these places and taking our needs seriously, the ones that allow us to break free from the identity of our eating behaviors are essential. You can use a journal to begin to explore some of this.

And remember, you can also schedule a remote session (phone or skype) to get some fresh ideas and customized solutions for you!

2 responses to “Remove the Labels & Heal Your Binge Eating”

  1. Lisa C. Briggs says:

    Hi Gail.. thank you for that, so much. The shift in identity piece has been one of the very biggest things I’ve noticed in common of the women that come through to the other side regarding body/eating issues in 25 years of doing this work. Definitely worth seeing how to make this work for ourselves. And we are always here for support/inspiration/ideas.

  2. Gail says:

    This is a brilliant post and a perspective I have stumbled on myself, though I could not have said it so eloquently…

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