Stiletto Strength? Yep, It’s Exercise!


No matter what, sometimes exercise just gets plain boring. Part of being successful in the fitness department is shaking it up once and a while. I’ve always had the tendency to find something I like and keep doing it until I’ve driven it into the ground. Getting bored with an activity can quickly translate into not wanting to do it at all – until you wake up one morning and realize you’ve gone from working out several days a week to, well, nothin’! 

So how can we try to get ahead of this passive behavior? Shake it up once and awhile! Try new things just for the heck of it. You might just run into an activity that you really enjoy…

The following link will take you straight to a article outlining some new ideas around activity for the summer and year round.  Here ‘ya go: Summer’s Hot New Fitness Trends (don’t let the title throw you off!)

Make sure you click on the slide show to check out all eight.

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