Stay Fit and Healthy While on Vacation

The sun…the sand…the lack of exercise…

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to vacations. But a common worry as many of us take off for summer fun, away from our normal routines, is how to keep our exercise program alive.

Is it a worry worth holding on to?

Keeping Your Healthy Lifestyle Going on Vacation

You’ve established regular workouts for strength, cardio, and flexibility at home. To keep it going, do you need to check out whether a fitness center is available at hotels where you might be staying? Do you need to pack your sneakers and resistance bands?

The big question gets down to this: Who wants to exercise when they are trying to break away from the real world?

Tweaking our perspective about exercise can not only help us stay fit and healthy on vacation, but may help us better enjoy our healthy lifestyle routines year round.

Redefining Exercise

Exercise as it is commonly thought of isn’t really a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. What we really need to be doing to stay healthy is to move our bodies. We’re talking “physical activity.” Physical activity can provide all the benefits of “exercise,” and we just might have a whole lot more fun doing it.

Staying Healthy on Vacation

Consider how much fun we have doing these things on vacation. They also help us stay fit!

  • A brisk walk/jog on the beach, in the soft sand as we are invigorated by the salty sea air and crashing waves.
    • Fitness benefit: Cardio, lower body workout (that sand can be quite challenging).
  • A stroll along the beach, again in the soft sand, collecting seashells.
    • Fitness benefit: Each time you bend to get those “jewels of the sea,” you perform a squat, strengthening your legs (quadriceps and hamstrings). Take a mindful moment as you are squatting to examine every part of that shell to maximize the activity.
  • A bike ride along country trails or the boardwalk.
    • Fitness benefit: Cardio, just like you’d get with any bike ride.
  • Volleyball on the beach.
    • Fitness benefit: Cardio, strength, flexibility. And you get to see what those beach volleyball women are really all about.
  • Frolicking in the pool or ocean.
    • Fitness benefit: Mimic your strength-training moves, using the weight of the water as resistance. You can also do leg lifts, calf raises and even pushups on the side of the pool.
  • A good stretch to wake up after a restful sleep or to end a hectic day of sunbathing.
    • Fitness benefit: Flexibility, which prepares you to tackle the next day’s fun and fitness in the sun!

Just remember, the best exercise is the one that you do!

So get creative, get going and have fun staying fit and healthy on vacation! And don’t forget the sunblock!

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