Starting the New Year Diet-Free


Dieting is a losing battle

stressHow many times have you vowed to lose weight in January, but only ended up weighing more by February or March? What you thought you should be doing to lose weight – restricting your eating and starting a punishing workout regimen — only led to increased binge eating and yo-yo dieting.

Often, when a diet fails, women blame themselves, not recognizing that it was the diet that didn’t work. So, when the another New Year comes, they pray it brings a new level of willpower and they attempt to take weight off by counting calories, eliminating carbs, etc.

Unfortunately, they may not realize that diets are like fighting a “losing battle.” A study published in the August 2011 Journal of Obesity found that those who undertake more episodes of “intentional weight loss” in their lifetimes are more susceptible to weight gain and that dieting itself may induce a subsequent weight gain, independent of genetic factors.

Green Mountain at Fox Run is encouraging you to ditch your New Year’s diet resolutions. Instead, we recommend starting 2012 with self-acceptance and an intention for self care through resolutions that will nurture the whole self. Keep these suggestions in mind when you make your resolutions:

1. Find the fun. Find a physical activity that really makes you feel good. Figure out if you like group activities or are a solo adventurer; if you like being inside or outdoors. If you don’t love what you’re doing, you won’t continue.

2. Add habits, don’t subtract. For instance, eating just one more fruit or vegetable to your diet every day can make a big difference in making you feel satisfied. Taking away a food leads to a feeling of deprivation and can trigger overeating.

3. Celebrate the body you have today. Maybe you’re not your “ideal weight,” but ask yourself where that number even originated. Don’t keep putting your life on hold and waiting to try new things.

4. Remember your inner child. Speak to yourself compassionately, the way you would speak to your 9-year-old self. Remember how much criticism hurt her? Beating yourself up only leads to overwhelming emotions and emotional eating.

5. Go ahead, eat the bacon. Find ways to incorporate the foods you love into your menu. Trying to completely eliminate foods or food groups generally backfires in that we think about them more and end up eating them more.

If you want to form New Year’s resolutions that address health and have a better chance of helping you achieve a healthy weight and stay there, start the New Year diet-free and start living your way to a healthy weight.

What non-diet resolutions are you making for 2012?

2 responses to “Starting the New Year Diet-Free”

  1. My non-diet intention of 2012 is to BREATHE in CALM, BREATHE out worry.

  2. Dale says:

    You bring up some great points about dieting. It’s so true that “dieting itself may induce a subsequent weight gain.” I like what you say about “Add habits, don’t subtract.” It’s all about what you focus on.

    I found in the past that when I was the most successful with diet & exercise, and I truly believe that you need both of these together, was when I had a very clear picture in my mind of what my desired outcome or goal was. Then that motivated me to work toward that goal or picture.


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