Stand Up For Yourself And…Lose?


I sit on my butt more than I have at any other job or at any other time in my life. Ironic, since I’m a director for one of the premier healthy lifestyle and weight management programs in the country.

Not so ironic, or even unusual, is that I’m menopausal and not nearly as active as I once was.

Those two facts alone make me feel the need to formally work out in order to make up for the time I sit at my desk — which is pretty much all day. Feeling the ‘need’ to work out, instead of doing it because it’s a natural part of your day is not the ideal.

Even with fairly frequent workouts, and generally healthy eating, finding a healthier weight and staying there, seems to get harder and harder for me. It is a multi-faceted issue for sure. What, where, when and why I eat is just one side of the issue. Managing stress, another, but lately I’m perplexed by the exercise side of things. I still enjoy exercise and moving my body, but, like so many women, I still struggle.

So, if you’re like me and struggling with exercise, or struggle with your understanding of how exercise is serving you, you may find this article by Gretchen Reynolds of the New York times interesting.  Initially you may find yourself getting bogged down, or even a bit bummed out, but hang in there.  I think you’ll find a real pay-off in the end.

One point in particular which I found enlightening:  Sitting and working at your desk can be disastrous, but standing around doing nothing can be miraculous.

If you have the right shoes and an understanding boss, of course.

4 responses to “Stand Up For Yourself And…Lose?”

  1. Jaime says:

    Reading this, I am reminded that my healthiest times of the last twenty years have been when my exercise is not so isolated from the rest of my (sedentary) day. When my living situation has included the ability to combine movement (walking to shop for example) with my daily routines, my fitness level has been best. When I pigeon hole my exercise into time at the gym, or working out at home I haven’t been able to maintain the same results.

  2. Cindy says:

    The segmentation of our lives definitely effects our level of fitness. I’m with you. When I was walking to and from the market, on errands, walked through airports, cleaned my house and did a little shopping all one day, I know I was able to eat more and exercise less. As Jennifer (our fitness manager) always says, ‘fitness happens!’

  3. Lisa in Jersey says:

    I was on modified to full bed rest for 16 weeks during my last pregnancy, and after that experience I can attest to how true this article is.

  4. cindy says:

    I broke my foot last year, Lisa. Same deal…sitting around really makes a difference. Problem for me, standing for a long time is almost more taxing that exercise — but the point is well taken.

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