LYNNANN COVELL, Certified Personal Trainer, AAFA, IFA, AAAI, ISMA

Certified Personal Trainer, AAFA, IFA, AAAI, ISMA
Personal Trainer, Strength and Aerobics Instructor, Tai Chi Instructor, Mat Science (Pilates) Instructor, Weight Training Consultant, Aquatics Instructor, Aquatics Rehab Instructor, Weight Management Certified, Life Wellness Coach

Experienced in several fields including physical therapy, chiropractic and emergency medicine, and certified as a Fitness Professional and Life / Wellness Coach through ACSM, AFAA, AAAI/ISMA, and IFA. Lynn Ann has spent 38 years in the field of Health and Exercise Physiology, 26 of them with Green Mountain. An energetic and inspirational leader, she heads up Green Mountain’s fitness department, lending her own special touch and motivational skills to help women learn to love physical activity. Through her personal training and L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle Integration for Empowerment) program, Lynn Ann provides personalized fitness programs and strategies needed to facilitate changes that make all the difference in “taking it home and making it work”.

Inspired to live a healthy lifestyle by the example her parents set, Lynn Ann ran track and swam competitively from age 10 through college. Her drive to share her enthusiasm for healthy living set her on a path of education and experience that equipped her as a tremendous motivator.

“LynnAnn is an amazing motivator, she encourages you to do your best at the level you are at….and reassures you that it will get easier the more you invest in yourself…both mentally and physically.” – Joanne Cilley

Lynn Ann developed a movement series specifically for Green Mountain participants that include classes like Cardio on the Stability Ball, Morning Momentum and The Walk Of Mindfulness, among others. Her warmth, humor, dedication and commitment to the success of our participants is evident in all that she does. Participants leave Green Mountain with a better relationship with movement and exercise largely due to Lynn Ann’s presence and knowledge.

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