PhD, Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS, Human Nutrition, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University
BS, Psychology, University of Vermont

After receiving his doctorate in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism, Alan followed a traditional path of academic teaching, research and consulting. In 1983, Alan was invited to join Green Mountain at Fox Run as executive director and has served in that role for the past 33 years. Alan understood the true value of Green Mountain’s alternative approach and has been the driving force that has kept the  non-diet philosophy front and center as an alternative to the faddism and quick fix promises of diets and dieting. Despite the challenges and economic pressures the ‘road less taken,’ the program’s reputation for excellence and continuing pioneering work has only grown stronger under Alan’s guidance, mentoring many young professionals while offering women an legitimate option for healthier living. 

Alan has been a hands-on leader, involved with every aspect of Green Mountain, from execution, development to teaching, the latter which he confesses has been his real passion. A recipient of numerous fellowships and awards from the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration and  scientific and corporate foundations, his grant-funded research was focused in the areas of obesity, human protein nutrition and human aging. He served as Chief, Nutrition Section,  R&D section, Veterans Administration, Boston, and held positions as academic assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, School of Public Health and School of Dental Medicine, and Tufts University.  During his time as an academic, he served on policy committees for academic, governmental and scientific boards and was a popular speaker at professional and business conferences.

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