5-Minute Meditations: Simple Guided Meditation For Beginners


The 5-Minute Meditations series was created to help us fit in time for meditation, relaxation, and looking inward – even when we’re busy. You guessed it, meditations are usually 5 minutes or less, meaning only .04% of your day. The 5-Minute Meditations series is a great introduction to meditation for beginners, and a helpful resource for more experienced practitioners.

This is a beginner’s guided meditation for easing focus onto the breath, and allowing thoughts to pass while bringing attention back for just one breath.

This is the first meditation we use in classes here at Green Mountain at Fox Run to introduce beginners to the practice of meditation. It’s also great for practitioners who just want something simple, or to go back-to-basics.

Before You Begin

You may wish to practice this in the morning, on your lunch break, or after a long day to de-stress – this meditation is great any time of day. Before starting, find a comfortable seated position or feel free to lie down – find the position that will be most comfortable and peaceful for your practice today.

And remember: anything that happens in this meditation is perfect. Thank yourself for taking this time for you.

Please share your experience, thoughts, comments, and questions below!


2 responses to “5-Minute Meditations: Simple Guided Meditation For Beginners”

  1. Stephanie markgraf says:

    Love it! More, please!! Thanks??

  2. Shiri says:

    We’ve got more on the way. Glad you enjoyed it, Stephanie.

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