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Who Do You Choose to Inspire You?

I’ve long believed that we need a separate source of information, of inspiration, to move beyond whatever we struggle with.

Unfortunately, we’re not always so good at shifting our perceptual lenses, at taking in the “information” or ways of seeing people, relationships or our selves.

We get stuck… In old beliefs, ones that may not even be ours. Our perceptual blind spots may be blocking the changes or the healing that we yearn for. But our old ways of thinking and seeing doesn’t get us to the other side.

Solutions for Perceptual Blind Spots

It can be extremely helpful to draw from outside sources of inspiration voices of wisdom and clarity that have the power to take you beyond what your own mind can come up with on any given day. To take you beyond the beliefs that may keep you from taking the actions that move you forward.

One of my personal and longstanding “Daily Essentials,” that I have relied on every morning for years, has been to read at least a few pages (now on my Kindle) of various thought-leaders.

Even reading for 5 minutes, or the time it takes to read a powerful quote or two is enough.

I need somebody else’s words, ideas, beliefs and visions to take me out of my sometimes limited or fear-driven ones.

The right words or ideas can move us from left-brain or even fear-driven reptile brain thoughts, that kind that could ruin a day, to something much better.

Dwell in Possibility

Over the years I have amassed a collection of go-to books and resources that I can tap into every morning or during the day when I need a quick injection of inspiration or a dose of healing wisdom.

I need to switch out what’s going on in my own head and borrow from somebody who can give me something to believe that will change how I feel and what I choose in that moment and in that day.

It’s a pretty easy and quick fix. And since I love to read it works for me.

My very favorite thought-leader, teacher and author is Caroline Myss and today I read, among other things, these quotes from her writings:

“We are not meant to stay wounded” and “Forgiveness is a mystical act, not a reasonable one.”

I also love to read quotes from Emily Dickinson…“I dwell in possibility.” So beautiful.

Could you benefit from gathering a few go-to resources to inspire you when your own mind is heading into the danger-zone of old beliefs that lead to nothing good?! I’d love to know what your quick-fix for a perceptual turnaround is. Let me know in the comment below.

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