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Today, Mara Glatzel and Christie Inge of the podcast series, Your Self Love Adjustment,” interview each other exclusively for our blog about what rest looks like and how we, as women, can include it in our self-care and self-love regimens without guilt.

A Day of Rest

This past Sunday, I had every intention of either swimming across Echo Lake or walking to Buttermilk Falls. It was a warm and breezy August day, the kind that needs to be treasured before it disappears with the sun over Okemo Mountain.

As I was getting moving in the morning, I switched on the TV and “Titanic” was on. It’s a movie I’ve seen probably a dozen times. But, I got sucked into Jack and Rose’s love story, as though I didn’t already know there was an iceberg straight ahead and Rose would never let go.

I couldn’t let go either. Titanic is a loooooong movie, and before I knew it, it was 2:00. I pondered putting my shoes on and taking a walk, but started looking up recipes for dinner instead. Then I was reading my book. Oh, I might have napped for a bit, too. The point is, I didn’t walk or swim or take advantage of the lovely August day and I felt damn guilty about it.

A Conversation about Rest with Mara Glatzel Christie Inge from Mara Glatzel on Vimeo.

Maybe you can’t relate to this example of taking a rest, but you can probably relate to the guilt that followed. Whether it’s choosing not to cook dinner for your family, or saying no to friends in favor of some “alone time,” most of us have felt like we should be doing something else when we decide to take time for ourselves.

What Rest is the Best?

Mara explains that rest is about slowing things down and being able to have the space and time to have her own thoughts. Christie defines it as a way to reconnect with herself so that when she goes back out to engage with the world, it’s from a place of alignment.

Both agreed that you more of it when you are markedly “out of alignment” with yourself, which can manifest itself as screaming at someone in traffic, getting annoyed with the person in front of you at the check-out line, frequent emotional eating, etc.

We are used to thinking about rest as being unproductive and selfish and a mostly “horizontal” activity, but in fact, it can be very productive and necessary. Though I decided to immerse myself in the movie, getting rest for someone else might look like choosing to not work through lunch or taking a walk in nature.

If it’s rejuvenating to your mind, body and spirit, it can be considered rest – it doesn’t have to be a nap, though it can be. And some things that feel like rest may leave you end up feeling more depleted. Find out what you really need.

How Much Do We Need?

When Mara is well-rested, she notices that she brings her best and brightest self to the world, her work and her relationships. Christie knows she’s gotten enough when she feels creative, inspired and free.

I don’t know if watching “Titanic” left me feeling creative, inspired and free, but I am going to trust that I needed a day of doing nothing but hanging with Jack and Rose.

What does rest look like for you? How do you know when you are well-rested?

Christie Inge is a heart navigator, a self-love instigator, and an inherent worth warrior. She works with women (mostly mamas, healer types, and creatives) who are completely exhausted from over-giving and over-doing. She supports them in bridging the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it when it comes to loving and caring for themselves. She offers both energetic alignment and practical wisdom through her virtual group classes and workshops and in her role as Guide in the Organic Sisterhood. You can connect with her in her (sometimes weekly) love letters, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.

Mara Glatzel is an intuitive coach and rampant permission granter. She teaches brave women how to cultivate gorgeous lives grounded in self-love, self-trust, and radical self-responsibility. In creating this sacred space for women to thrive, she’s bringing a masters in clinical social work, her spot-on intuition, and the lessons picked up along the way as she built a relationship with herself grounded in self-love and self-trust. If you’re interested in hanging out with Mara, check out her coaching and classes, or skip on over to find her on Facebook or Twitter.

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    • Barbara Winthrop says:

      Thanks again Lisa for a gr8 article.I have been doing online course work with Mara since learning about her from a G M link and it has been so helpful.

  2. Nancy says:

    everyday, I learn news things and thank you for posting this wonderful interview. It is just an eye opener for me.

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